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The below entries are messages that I have channeled with the intention to inspire and aid in our connection to and embodiment of our Higher Selves.  For recordings of the Channeled Meditations, go to the Events tab above and click on the play arrow of the recording below the corresponding Channeled Meditation & Group Healing event.

January 21, 2015

Now we are here, to teach, to instruct, to inform on Surrender.  What is Surrender?  Surrender is not knowing, and moving forward anyway.  Surrender is listening, carefully, to the clarity that comes in silence.  Surrender is distinguishing that which moves us from that which will be moved, and choosing to follow the former.  Surrender is having the courage to listen to your heartbeat and to dance to its drumming, its rhythm, its music.  What is your music?  What is the music of your heart?  The song which your heart sings, the song of your life, the song of your soul?  Listen.  Hear.  Respond.  It is calling you.  Beckoning you.  Come dance.  Come dance.  Come dance to the rhythm of your soul.  Come be alive.  And feel the bliss, the bliss that is Surrendering to your soul, the song of your soul.  Come within and play sweet music.  Come within, to heart center, and see for the first time the glory of Who you Are.  Come within and hear the sweetest music you have ever heard…the sound of your heart song.

February 9, 2017

What is my gift through this all?  What is the intense pleasure of pure presence, of oneness.  Oneness with the moment.  Oneness with what is.  Immersed in Peace.  In clarity.  You are exactly where you should be.  Notice the fear conversations.  Notice the riptides, tumultuous currents, storms of the mind.  All fear based.  All a result of losing oneness with the present moment.  Be Here Now.  It is that simple.  Be Here Now Fully and Completely – with all that you are – with all of your presence.  That is the practice.  That is the journey and the destination.  What things enfold when you live in this place.  What miraculous things unfold/enfold when you are in oneness.  Feel the unity, the bliss, the perfect peace, of this place/time.