Christine M. Jalbert           LMT, CBHSP        MA59591    MM33401

Welcome to Higher Self Massage & Healing.
Christine is passionate about helping her clients to heal, to align with and manifest their soul’s longing, and to embody who they truly are…their Higher Self.


Energy Healing
Christine is a Certified Brennan Healing Science and Brennan Integration Practitioner (an Energy Healer and Process Facilitator who has graduated and become certified from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s advanced 6-year training). As an Energy Healer, Christine balances, charges, clears, and aligns her clients’ energy fields to facilitate their own natural ability to heal. The work is very holistic and helps facilitate optimal health and well-being on clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Energy healing sessions take place while the client is fully clothed laying on the massage table, and entail the laying on of hands on various positions on the client’s body. At the beginning of the session, Christine speaks with her client regarding their background and presenting complaint, and assesses her client’s energy field (including reading his/her Chakras, perceiving the levels of the field, the Hara line, and the client’s Core Essence). She then proceeds with an energy healing tailored to the client given any issues arising in the client’s field and/or raised by the client during the intake.


Higher Self is located in Northeast St. Petersburg. Remote sessions available.

Massage Therapy
Christine offers deep tissue, as well as relaxation massages that are an eclectic mix of Swedish (her base technique) and other modalities, including cranial sacral, trigger point, reflexology, energy work, shiatsu and sports massage, which she selectively weaves in for a massage tailored to each client. Essential oils are also frequently utilized for their therapeutic effect and to provide massage clients with a full-sensory massage experience. Clients may purchase 1-hour or 90 minute massages.
Christine is available by appointment. If you have any questions or would like to book a massage or energy healing session, please contact her at 727-410-6719.

To learn more about the healing process read our article in Natural Awakenings Magazine (pdf version) or Digital Version pages 34 &35.