Energy Healing

Energy Healing

chakrasThe human body is made up of energy and is in fact surrounded and interpenetrated by a human energy field.  If the human energy field is healthy, balanced, clear, and charged, it supports optimal health and well-being on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  If it is not, it does not support optimal health and well-being and dis-ease and/or dysfunction can begin to manifest.  The energy healing utilized by Christine balances, clears, and charges the human energy field facilitating healing and optimal well-being on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  It also facilitates alignment with the client’s life task and soul longing, and connection with and expansion of each client’s individual and unique Divine Essence.

Christine is a Certified Brennan Healing Science Practitioner and Brennan Integration Practitioner whose practice has evolved over the last 15 years, having received Divine healing downloads and reconfigurations, and having been through profound initiationschakra_fb.  As an Energy Healer, Christine helps to balance, charge, clear, and align her clients’ energy fields to facilitate their own natural ability to heal, but most importantly, Christine’s work facilitates clients coming home to and embodying more deeply the truth of who they are.  The work is very holistic and helps facilitate optimal health and well-being on clients’ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Energy healing sessions take place while the client is fully clothed laying on the massage table, and entail the laying on of hands on various positions on the client’s body.  At the beginning of the session, Christine connects into her client energetically and receives information, she assesses her client’s energy field, and as they are seated, speaks with her client regarding their background and what they would like to work on in session.  She then proceeds with body-mind psycho-energetic soul retrieval work with the client to facilitate the coming home of pieces of the client’s soul or essence that are in separation, producing profound healing. After this deep healing work, the client lays on the healing table and receives energy healing which can include hands-on or hands-off energy work, sounding/toning/chanting, drumming, light language, shamanic work and cleansing, working with and utilizing sacred geometry (including the toroidal field, spirals, the merkabah, the holy trinity and vesica pisces), use of sage, sweetgrass, incense, paolo santo, blessings, initiations, ceremony and use of crystals, sacred oils, and homemade chakra sprays.

Christine offers a variety of energy healing services, including but not limited to Hara healings, core star expansion, chelation to balance, clear, and charge the energy field, chakra balancing and restructuring/repairing, cord healings, ancestral cord healings, brain balancing, trauma release, body-mind psycho/energetic therapy (process facilitation), healing child consciousness woundings/traumas, soul retrieval, channeling, surgery preparation/assistance/and recovery, working with illness that has manifested in the physical body, working with emotional and mental issues including anxiety, depression, disappointment and heartbreak.  All sessions are divinely guided and often incorporate essential oils, sweet grass or sage, and shamanic cleansing.


Energy Healing

First Session is 80-90 minutes long for $250

Sessions thereafter are 1 hour for $180

Christine is available by appointment. If you have any questions or would like to book a massage or energy healing session, please contact her at 727-410-6719.


“I went to Christine for an energy healing session after being unable to resolve on my own (using yoga, tiger balm, and hot baths) the chronic tension and tightness in the right side of my neck and shoulder.  The day following my energy healing session with Christine, I noticed a significant reduction of the tension and tightness in the right side of my neck and shoulder, and after two days the tightness was gone.  Not only was the physical tightness relieved, but my mental-emotional state was more relaxed and at ease.
Although I don’t fully understand how the energy healing works, I am drawn to the positive results. There is a growing awareness of the energy component to life that can be treated just as we treat our physical component.  Energy healing is now part of my well-being regime.”

Lyn T.
Data Analyst
Energy Healing and Massage client

“After receiving massage and energy healing sessions from Christine, I noticed significant improvement in my posture and was able to touch my toes which I had not been able to do for years.”

Nancy B.
Retired RN
Massage and Energy Healing client

“I began to work with Christine in March 2013.  I had done work with a graduate Brennan practitioner in 1995 and found the work to be beyond compare to any process I had ever done.
When I met Christine I was working with a new layer of trauma and grief.  She stabilized my chakras and fixed the base of my spine.  I had fractured it at age 14.
I had experienced trauma and had a lot of pain. I had chiropractic treatments to no avail for years.  Christine cleared the energy in my spine and I have not had any problems since.  It was nothing short of miraculous.
Because of Christine’s skill level, I was able to touch into major trauma memory and clear it for the first time in my life at age 59.  Her expertise, skill level and highly developed psychic ability is the perfect package for complete core healing.
I believe I received superior work from the hands of a student.  Now that she has graduated and become certified, I can only imagine what her gifts will bring to other clients as she grows and hones her craft.
I feel blessed to have found Christine when I did.  Truly an outstanding healer.
I would encourage anyone who has done it all and is still feeling that they are not healed, to take an opportunity with Christine for complete healing.”

Diana B.
Retired teacher
Energy Healing client

“As an attorney and long distance triathlete, I am constantly in need of both physical and spiritual healing.  Christine fulfills both of those needs in a professional, top notch, and kind manner.  I highly recommend her.”

Jason G.
Attorney, Triathlete
Massage and Energy Healing client