Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy
energyworkChristine offers deep tissue, as well as relaxation massages that are an eclectic mix of Swedish (her base technique) and other modalities, including cranial sacral, trigger point, reflexology, energy work, shiatsu and sports massage, which she selectively weaves in for a massage tailored to each client.  Essential oils are also frequently utilized for their therapeutic effect and to provide massage clients with a full sensory massage experience.  Clients may purchase 1-hour or 90 minute massages.



1-hour massage $75
90 minute massage $110
Package of 6 (1-hour) massages $70 each (for a total of $420)

Combo Package of 6 (any combination of massage and energy healing sessions, massage at $70 and energy healing at $95)


Christine is available by appointment. If you have any questions or would like to book a massage or energy healing session, please contact her at 727-410-6719.



“Truly an artist, you can feel the passion in her work.”

Darrin P.
Triathlete, Business Owner
Massage client


“One of the best massages I have ever received.”

Jan S.
Business Consultant
Massage client


“After receiving massage and energy healing sessions from Christine, I noticed significant improvement in my posture and was able to touch my toes which I had not been able to do for years.”

Nancy B.
Retired RN
Massage and Energy Healing client


“As an attorney and long distance triathlete, I am constantly in need of both physical and spiritual healing.  Christine fulfills both of those needs in a professional, top notch, and kind manner.  I highly recommend her.”

Jason G.
Attorney, Triathlete
Massage and Energy Healing client